Test Record


Test record is about the destruction of a standard and the returning to unstructured sounds. Stereo test records function as a method of achieving peak auditory performance but often utilize “non musical” sounds to determine the optimal settings for music to be played through. In many ways listening to a test record is not dissimilar to listening to a record of that of a noise musician. Noise is defined as “unwanted signal or disturbance” and what “Test Record” does is push the standards set forth on the record into the realm of noise, chance and collage in real time.

Since noise is the basis of all music I'm trying to strip the record of its initial purpose (for music) and focus more on it becoming not only not usable for peak performance but turning it into a noise record. The removal of the grooves of the record causes a disruption in the continuity of the records ability to play in a continuous fashion while also subjecting the listener to hear to what the absence of content sounds like.