Noise Karaoke


“Human societies are captive to and controlled by language. When the old ideas are shattered, when it is clear that the official words and ideas no longer match the reality, the institutions that buttress the ruling class deflate and collapse.”  

- Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt, Chris Hedges

Noise Karaoke explores the dismissed potential of nonsense as a form of creation to construct a revolutionary dialect. In the same way that a guttural sound can define an infant or primitive person in the developmental stages of communication, the sounds within Noise Karaoke are beholden to the manifestation of revolt. Grunt-like utterances and loud boisterous vocalizations are ways to convey urgency of distaste or needs unmet, and those sounds are often followed by action. 

Noise Karaoke provides a space to cultivate ideas and recognize the potential of language that mandates interpretation, new associations and a willingness to engage in an act that many will dismiss. A language of tongues that only those invested in the unity of the absurd can understand. When we engage with the unknown together those involved establish new norms and that form a culture based on listening to one another to solve issues, derive meaning, and progress. Each "song" is a manifesto of the participant’s choosing and are built to be chanted by crowds, small groups, or alone. 

The party atmosphere surrounding karaoke has the potential for unity and shared experience at its core. Noise Karaoke is the pregame to the conflict and provides a space to find like-minded people to gather around ideas and interpret the future language of our/your/their revolution. In the words of Orchid "Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!"

Full videos of each composition are below. 

Click here for live performance documentation.