Lurkin Hard is a zine that Adán has produced on an irregular basis since 2007 and is comprised of images from film cameras found in thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales. The images are salvaged out of cameras, developed, and whittled down into the Zine. Currently Lurkin Hard 1, 2, and the special edition are no longer available. Volumes of Lurkin Hard 3 and 4 have 100 copies of each and cost $10 each including shipping within the US. Please contact me for shipping rates outside of the US. If you are a zine library or spot yourself within the images contact me and I will send you a copy for free.

Lurkin Hard #1 - 2007 - 15 issues made - unavailable
Lurkin Hard #2 - 2009 - 200 issues made - unavailable

The above Lurkin Hard was special edition consists of Adán’s favorite roll of film he’s found during the duration of the project. All the images are from the same roll of film found in the year 2011 somewhere in Colorado. The 13 page, full color zine is printed on high quality gloss paper and only 20 issues were made exclusively for Nothing To See Here's fundraiser in the fall of 2015. All remaining copies were donated to Zine Libraries.

Lurkin Hard #3 - 2016 - 100 issues made - available


 Lurkin Hard #4 - 2016 - 100 issues made - available